CA Ketan Samdani

Chairperson's Message

अगर आपमें Skill है,
कुछ करने की Will है,
तो कुछ नही मुश्किल है...


As I pen down my final message as the Chairman of the Anand branch of WIRC of ICAI, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude and nostalgia. On 21st Feb. 2023 I was honored with responsibility to serve this most respected office of Chairman of Anand branch of WIRC of ICAI. My joy & pleasure knows no boundaries on account of recognition in the form of awards received by Anand branch & Anand WICASA. Anand branch of WIRC of ICAI & Anand branch of WICASA has been recognized and honored with below mentioned awards.........

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Many many happy returns of the day.
May God Bless You with health, wealth, peace and prosperity in your life...